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The Lord understood the dangers of a one world government and one world religion unhinged from the restraints that His Law would provide. Such a system would ignore any concept of inalienable rights given by a creator. In such a system rights would be seen as nothing more than constructs of government. What happens if a one world governmental system  with a monopoly on religious, military, social, economic, and police power goes rogue. There would be absolutely nothing the people could do about it. The existence if numerous threats to freedom globally should give us pause about whether we want  a one world government. Most nations of the West have gutted freedom of speech through speech codes that crush all dissent from the party line. The West has a burgeoning police state problem. Do we trust a world order where many of the leading politicians are c0nnected to a billionaire pedophile and have spent time on the Lolita Express.

God created nations as a deterrent to the incorrect-able excesses of a global police state.

Source: What Christ says about the nations, immigration, and open borders – ChristianNetGuide


Mayor Proposes policies that will force people to poop in the streets in the name of public health

The Mayor of Scottsburg, William Graham, sent WDRB the following statement via city staff late Sunday evening:

“Homelessness is an issue of great concern to our community and the community is banning together to make a positive difference in the lives of the homeless. Several churches, and individuals, are feverishly working to meet the needs of these individuals. We are blessed to have these efforts. However, the health and safety of the people being helped, the people helping, and the neighborhood must be addressed.

There are many regulations from Federal, State and local governments that must be adhered to so as to ensure the health and safety of all is not jeopardized. The International Building Code is very specific about Health and Safety standards, and the zoning classification necessary for the church as it is presently being used. There has been no notice to close this facility. They were notified, by the City’s Local Building Official, that they have 10 days to start the process of becoming compliant.

There was a meeting in the Mayor’s office on June 7th with the Pastor of Grace Sovereign Baptist Church, members of some supporting churches, some members of the homeless coalition, the Mayor, Scottsburg Chief of Police and the Mayor’s Assistant, where many concerns from both sides were expressed. The City of Scottsburg wishes to work together to ensure code compliance and the health and safety of the homeless and of all the community.”

Neighbors living in a commu

Earlier this year, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church found a new mission in ministering to the homeless.


Does this mayor not realize that, if you stop people from giving makeshift help to the homeless and do not provide feasible alternatives that are legal, then the inevitable outcome is that people will poop, die, and decompose in the open streets. This is already happening in California as a result of such policies.

While the mayor of Scottsburg could be THAT STUPID and fail to see that disrupting makeshift shelter for the homeless without providing a FEASIBLE alternative inevitably results in people pooping, dying, and decomposing in the streets, the most likely reason is rooted in city economic planning. After the Supreme Court in Kelo vs Connecticut redefined “public use” to mean “public benefit,” governmental entities interpreted public benefit to mean anything that expands the tax base. In these terms the homeless contribute a negative contribution to the tax base, so governments have declared war.

Churches, on the other hand, see the homeless as much more than their economic margin. We see the homeless as people created in the image of God. This put the churches in conflict with city governments, which is where the degrading of religious freedom comes into play. Had Indiana passed the RFRA law Pence wanted, Pastor Walker would have stronger legal standing to push back against the city. I still think he has a case, as the city’s policy cannot possibly serve a secular purpose (unless you count amassing piles of money for the government to distribute to its cronies as a legitimate secular purpose) and in fact will do the opposite of what the city purports it is supposed to do.

It’s time for the city of Scottsburg, IN to end this abomination and repent. The city has no good reason to oppose this exercise of religious liberty by the church

Source: City request could force homeless out of Scottsburg church | News | wdrb.com


Liberally Progressive Cities – The Castle Report

It seems then that the term “liberally progressive” is a euphemism for the cities’ refusal to follow the prime directive. For any organism, whether human, animal, or governmental, the prime directive is to survive. In California and other such places, the legion of the woke have taken the state and cities by the hand, as Dr. Kevorkian might have, and said, come on take my hand and follow me, it’s easy and you won’t feel a thing. The people of California have followed him right to where death is inevitable and irreversible, and that is too bad.The burdens placed on the state of California and its grand cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco is like the man dragging a heavy bag of rocks up a hill to use John Derbyshire’s analogy. When the man is young and strong he does OK, although slower than necessary, but as more and more rocks are placed in the bag it becomes harder and harder and slower and slower until he stops and can no longer drag his load.

Source: Liberally Progressive Cities – The Castle Report


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This model prayer was given by the Lord Jesus as a outline for our prayer life. Use this as an outline for adoration, supplications, and petitions to God

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

1.By Calling God as Our Father we invoke Our identity in Christ
2.By Calling God as Our Father we invoke the Covenant Relation
3.By Addressing Him in Heaven we address Him on His Throne
4.By Hallowing His name we are addressing the Divine Court in session
5.We have come to discuss both matters of family and of law. Convinced that God will always act for His glory and our good

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

1.God's will is done instantly in Heaven.
2.From Heaven God see the entire history of the world as a done deal.
3.He has already done that which we requested.
4.Prayer is the act of petitioning God to manifest what has already been established in Heaven.
5.Let us seek God to work in history to lead events to a place where Christ can return and set up
the new Heavens and New Earth where His will is instantly and absolutely done, mentioning specific requests.

Give us this day our daily bread.

1.God owns everything.
2.God is Jejovah-jireh (our provider) Gen 22:14.
3.Literal meaning of Jireh (ra’ah) is for God to make established realities visible by conducting measurements on the wave function.
4.The eyes of the Lord travels throughout the earth to show Himself strong by collapsing wave function (QM) for those who trust in Him (2 Chr 16:9).
5. Ask Him to provide financially and give us the power to get wealth so that His covenant may be confirmed and that we can not only meet our needs but finance the work of the Kingdom (Deut 8:18).

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

1.Forgiveness for all has been purchased through the blood of Jesus.
2.Jesus blood has already taken away all sins past, present, and future.
3.God credits faith in Christ Jesus as our righteousness.
4.When we sin we can simply confess our sins to God, thanking Him for this already purchased forgiveness.
5.Because Christ has forgiven us, we do not hold grudges or bitterness against others. forgive them as God forgave us.

Lead us not into temptation.

1.The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.
2.The eyes of the Lord seek out those who are faithful towards Him to show Himself Strong.
3.God has given us his Word, that through these promises can can partake of Christ’s nature.
4.He has given us the Holy Spirit that we might know both the things of god and commune with God.
5.Ask God to direct our paths to avoid excessive worldly entanglements and habits that encourage the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or pride of life

Deliver us from evil.

Praying for a Hedge of Protection, Praying for God to deploy angelic support, confessing the word of God, and deploying counter-arguments against the enemy as a profession of faith.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.